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clean [21 Jan 2008|11:21pm]
all my older entries are gone

it feels good
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BAM! POW! [21 Nov 2006|01:24am]
dear internet,

i have been writing poems again, in a blog, with my friends. i feel like a human being again.

my parents might be moving back to san francisco. "what the crazy," you might exclaim. well, it is a long story that nobody needs to know. the point is that the whole situation has proven to be quite an emotional rollercoaster, but at least i won't be stuck at the top of the ferris wheel with nothing but a hot dog on a stick, so to speak.


i know, i know, staying up until the wee hours of the morning to write a paper is not healthy. and spending time updating a livejournal will only exacerbate the problem. but i'm only going to do this until the end of the semester. next semester, things'll be different. i promise.

moving on...

if you could hear a song performed at winterfaire...

by myself on guitar, ramon on drums, some dude on bass, and john mansfield on accordion....

...what would it be??


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[01 Nov 2006|07:52pm]
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i just ran into someone i haven't seen in about 8 years or so. it was very strange. she spoke differently. she was a lot hotter. it was very strange.

did i mention it was strange?

ten years from now i am going to know a completely different set of people, and i will run into one of you in a public restroom in seattle, or a record store in tokyo, or a mosh pit in new york city and when i write of it afterwards on my blog, i will say:

it was very strange.

do you ever think about money?

i mean, REALLY think about it?

ummmmm yeah and late capitalism and post modernism and other longisms... HELLO?!?!?!

why do we need institutions of higher education anymore, now that we have wikipedia?

i mean, seriously. do a cost/benefit analysis of that shit.

ok i'll stop now.
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hey [20 Sep 2006|09:15am]
i think i've got a band

or at least some girl who plays keys and really likes mates of state

here we go
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act of god [16 Sep 2006|09:37pm]
okay so, before, the likelihood of my family moving to Los Angeles was like 85-90 percent.

Now it's 99.999999 percent. Basically, it would take an act of God to change things.


I didn't write a song this week. I'm a failure.

But it's a-coming. IT.

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new song [02 Sep 2006|05:11pm]
i recorded a new song called "ignorant" and it is at http://myspace.com/johnuutron

i am currently playing a game with someone where we have to write at least one song a week


you know

yeah, fyi
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[30 Aug 2006|01:00am]
You Are 20% Extrovert, 80% Introvert

You are quite reserved
You aren't afraid of social situations...
But you very much prefer to go it alone
And why not? You're your own best friend!
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[29 Aug 2006|06:23pm]

college is hard
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[28 Aug 2006|11:25pm]
today i auditioned for 5 of the a capella groups on campus. some of the auditions went pretty well, some were definitely terrible. we'll see how that goes.

i also know what i want to do for about the next ten years of my life.

and i think i know who i'm going to marry.

this is all very strange.

there's more to say but

talk is cheap.
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from mcchris' website [24 Aug 2006|04:11pm]
"sometimes i'll get a letter or something about how a fan wants to off him or herself, and i'm obviously not trained, i bet they don't call it offing, but this is where i've sent folks in the past that need help, and now there's this bullshit:

1-800-SUICIDE, the non-profit suicide hotline supported by the Take Action Tour is in danger of losing all federal funding. The organization has to date, accepted calls from more than two million individuals. At the heart of the issue is the confidentiality of callers; currently, the organization maintains a strict privacy policy while the government is seeking to obtain these records.

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA), a division of the federal government's Health & Human Services, has decided to create their own government-run system because that the management of 1-800-SUICIDE has refused to turn over the control of the National Hopeline Network to the government.

This is not the first attempt of the administration to influence the hotline, which earlier tried to force the charity to remove all references to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered individuals from a recent conference as well as add session on "faith-based" suicide prevention.

The government has also not lived up to previous comittments to the charity to provide more than $266,000. Conversely, both Mike Park's Plea for Peace and Louis Posen's Take Action Tour have privately raised that amount.

For more information please visit Save1800suicide.org"
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[20 Aug 2006|10:38pm]
moving from san francisco to gilroy is one thing.

my parents just called me and told me that they bought a dry cleaners in LA. they just need to make sure everything is in order, but it's pretty much as good as done.

they did this without asking me what i thought about it. then they called me and told me about it, and expected me to be happy about it.

my stupid fucking family.

i'm not mad about them spending money.

i'm mad at the fact that they will be moving to los angeles now.

and so will i.
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i can't sleep <^> (<>_<>) <^><^> (<>_<>) <^><^> (<>_<>) <^> [13 Aug 2006|03:12am]
[ mood | <^> (<>_<>) <^> ]

i leave for college on tuesday. right now it's sunday morning. 3 in the morning actually.

packing for college is a total asshole.

i can't sleep.

later today i'm going to go to church and the pastor wants me to meet him so he can pray for me one last time before i leave for college.

tonight i will probably go to a karaoke place with my friends. we might do sinful things like buy a bottle of bacardi limon from some shady dude we kind of know from high school for 10 bucks. or we might just play video games all night.

i've lost about 15 lbs. and i feel great! pretty okay. i feel like i can actually engage in physical activity now.

so i decided i'm not going to be a music industry major anymore. it's gonna be international relations/global business with minors in music recording and east asian languages and cultures/japanese language. so now instead of intro to the music industry, i'm taking a GE class on MEDIEVAL CIVILIZATION. talk about a snooze fest. what have i done to myself?

i don't like making decisions like that.

i don't like making decisions about anything.

packing for college is an asssssssss

so my roommate is some japanese dude from hawaii. but he never replied to my email and he doesnt have a facebook so i guess hes not a computer person, which is upsetting.

i mean what kind of person isn't a computer person?

ohhhhhhh dear i should be sleeping

i was watching clerks earlier, it was playing on tv. my god, they talk fast in that movie. it's unnatural. it makes gilmore girls look like... what's something where people talk really slow? because it makes gilmore girls look like that.

look at this alien <^> (<>_<>) <^>

do you remember him?

he makes me smile

at night



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[08 Aug 2006|01:20am]
i want an afro.

how do i do this?

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dude i just cooked my own lunch [21 Jul 2006|12:20pm]
i can cook!


3 chicken breasts, cooked, chopped
half a package of whole wheat pasta
one chopped green bell pepper
some broccoli
some mushrooms
some olive oil
a little ketchup, just to keep it gangsta

1. Stir fry

Makes hella servings
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[08 Jul 2006|11:40pm]
i was going to talk more about my ticket

but dude my parents want to move to morgan hill, california...

this is a suburb that is a bit farther away than san jose.....

when i asked my mom if there were things to do there, she mentioned that they have a costco.....

of course, i will be in college, but what about vacations?

i want to work in san francisco, with it's beautiful 8.85 minumum wage. and i have friends here to visit....

over an hour by freeway.........

....damn it.........

i hope it falls through.......................

can i stay at someone's house during vacations............?
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[08 Jul 2006|01:31am]
i got a fucking ticket!!!!
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world cup [01 Jul 2006|10:50am]

i lost two of my teams, the only ones that mattered

both of them to PK shoot outs


there goes 20 bucks
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alwkejfalsdfkj [29 Jun 2006|09:57am]
yesterday was eventful. i had to wake up at 8 to drive my mom to work, just so i could use the car for the day. then, after picking everyone up, we spent about 6 hours at bryan's house, playing smash and eating vietnamese food.

and then i went to guitar center with will and wolf and his friend for like 3 hours, looking at all the amps. in case you were wondering, guitar center has TERRIBLE customer service. and parking.

anyway, right now i should be on the bus to work, but i woke up late, so i'm gonna have to call in sick. again. although this time i'm not really sick. well, my throat does feel a little...

i hate missing a day of work because a day is like 70 bucks. i'm missing out on 70 dollars!!!


maybe i'll spend this time cleaning my room, though.

yea right.
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what if this is all a dream [06 Jun 2006|09:06pm]
- freaks and geeks is the greatest television show ever. i am seriously considering purchasing the $120 special edition DVD.
- the other day i decided to go crazy, so i ate some sour patch kids with a stewarts lime. ever since then, i've had a terrible pain in my lower teeth.
- i am now an employee of banana republic.
- i started drinking caffeine again. i feel terrible.
- ahgalsdlfkjsdalfkdf;
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